I can't say wether MySQL is faster for very small queries (like SELECT'ing one row based on an indexed field).
        That's why I was asking you about the language...

        I assume you're using a persistent connection.
For simple queries like this, PG 8.x seemed to be a lot faster than PG 7.x. Have you tried 8 ? I was asking you which language, because for such really small queries you have to take into account the library overhead. For instance, in PHP a simple query can be 10 times slower in Postgres than in MySQL and I believe it is because php's MySQL driver has seen a lot of optimization whereas the postgres driver has not. Interestingly, the situation is reversed with Python : its best postgres driver (psycopg 2) is a lot faster than the MySQL adapter, and faster than both php adapters (a lot faster).

        The same query can get (this is from the back of my head):

PHP+Postgres            3-5 ms
Python+MySQL    1ms
PHP+MySQL               0.5 ms
Python+Postgres 0.15 ms

And yes, I had queries executing in 150 microseconds or so, this includes time to convert the results to native python objects ! This was on a loop of 10000 times the same query. But psycopg2 is fast. The overhead for parsing a simple query and fetching just a row is really small.

This is on my Centrino 1.6G laptop.

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