> If it is possible try:
> 1) wrapping many inserts into one transaction
> (BEGIN;INSERT;INSERT;...INSERT;COMMIT;).  As PostgreSQL will need to
> handle less transactions per second (each your insert is a transaction), it
> may work faster.

Aye, that's what I have it doing right now. The transactions do save a
HUGE chunk of time. (Cuts it down by about 40%).

> 2) If you can do 1, you could go further and use a COPY command which is
> the fastest way to bulk-load a database.

I don't think I can use COPY in my case because I need to do
processing on a per-line basis, and I need to check if the item I want
to insert is already there, and if it is, I need to get it's ID so I
can use that for further processing.

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