On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 01:28:24PM -0800, Matthew Schumacher wrote:
> PFC wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >> select put_tokens2(1, '{"\\246\\323\\061\\332\\277"}', 1, 1, 10000);
> > 
> > 
> >     Try adding more backslashes until it works (seems that you need \\\\
> > or  something).
> >     Don't DBI convert the language types to postgres quoted forms on its
> > own ?
> > 
> Your right.... I am finding that the proc is not the problem as I
> suspected, it works correctly when I am not calling it from perl,
> something isn't escaped correctly....

I'm not sure who's responsible for DBI::Pg (Josh?), but would it make
sense to add better support for bytea to DBI::Pg? ISTM there should be a
better way of doing this than adding gobs of \'s.
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