I just put together a system with 6GB of ram on a 14 disk raid 10 array.
When I run my usual big painful queries, I get very little to know
memory usage. My production box (raid 5 4GB ram) hovers at 3.9GB used
most of the time. the new devel box sits at around 250MB. 

I've switched to an 8.0 system on the new devel box, but the .conf
really didn't change. Index usage is the same. Something seems wrong and
I'm not sure why. 

any thoughts,

shared_buffers = 32768          # min 16, at least max_connections*2, 8KB each
work_mem = 2097151              # min 64, size in KB
maintenance_work_mem = 819200   # min 1024, size in KB
max_fsm_pages = 80000           # min max_fsm_relations*16, 6 bytes each
checkpoint_segments = 30        # in logfile segments, min 1, 16MB each
effective_cache_size = 3600000   <-----this is a little out of control, but 
would it have any real effect?
random_page_cost = 2            # units are one sequential page fetch cost
log_min_duration_statement = 10000 # -1 is disabled, in milliseconds.
lc_messages = 'C'               # locale for system error message strings
lc_monetary = 'C'               # locale for monetary formatting
lc_numeric = 'C'                # locale for number formatting
lc_time = 'C'                   # locale for time formatting

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