I have managed tx speeds that high from postgresql going even as high
as 2500/sec for small tables, but it does require a good RAID
controler card (yes I'm even running with fsync on).  I'm using 3ware
9500S-8MI with Raptor drives in multiple RAID 10s.  The box wasn't too
$$$ at just around $7k.  I have two independant controlers on two
independant PCI buses to give max throughput. on with a 6 drive RAID
10 and the other with two 4 drive RAID 10s.

Alex Turner

On 8/19/05, Mark Cotner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I bet you get tired of the same ole questions over and
> over.
> I'm currently working on an application that will poll
> thousands of cable modems per minute and I would like
> to use PostgreSQL to maintain state between polls of
> each device.  This requires a very heavy amount of
> updates in place on a reasonably large table(100k-500k
> rows, ~7 columns mostly integers/bigint).  Each row
> will be refreshed every 15 minutes, or at least that's
> how fast I can poll via SNMP.  I hope I can tune the
> DB to keep up.
> The app is threaded and will likely have well over 100
> concurrent db connections.  Temp tables for storage
> aren't a preferred option since this is designed to be
> a shared nothing approach and I will likely have
> several polling processes.
> Here are some of my assumptions so far . . .
> Vacuum hourly if not more often
> I'm getting 1700tx/sec from MySQL and I would REALLY
> prefer to use PG.  I don't need to match the number,
> just get close.
> Is there a global temp table option?  In memory tables
> would be very beneficial in this case.  I could just
> flush it to disk occasionally with an insert into blah
> select from memory table.
> Any help or creative alternatives would be greatly
> appreciated.  :)
> 'njoy,
> Mark
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