> Kari Lavikka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > However, those configuration changes didn't have significant effect
> > oprofile results. AtEOXact_CatCache consumes even more cycles.
> I believe I've fixed that for 8.1.

Relative to 8.0, I am seeing a dramatic, almost miraculous reduction in
CPU load times in 8.1devel.  This is for ISAM style access patterns over
the parse/bind interface.  (IOW one record at a time, 90% read, 10%

Relative to commercial dedicated ISAM storage engines, pg holds up very
well except in cpu load, but 8.1 is a huge step towards addressing that.

So far, except for one minor (and completely understandable) issue with
bitmap issues, 8.1 has been a stellar performer.  Also great is the
expansion of pg_locks view (which I didn't see mentioned in Bruce's TODO
list, just FYI).


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