On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 06:09:09PM -0400, Chris Browne wrote:
What we have been finding, as RAID controllers get smarter, is that it
is getting increasingly futile to try to attach knobs to 'disk stuff;'
it is *way* more effective to add a few more spindles to an array than
it is to fiddle with which disks are to be allocated to what database

That statement doesn't say anything about trying to maximize performance
to or from a disk array. Yes, controllers are getting smarter--but they
aren't omnicient. IME an I/O bound sequential table scan doesn't get
data moving off the disk nearly as fast as say, a dd with a big ibs.
Why? There's obviously a lot of factors at work, but one of those
factors is that the raid controller can optimize "grab this meg" a lot
more than it can optimize "grab this 8k".
Mike Stone

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