On Thu, 29 Sep 2005, Joe wrote:

> Magnus Hagander wrote:
> > That actually depends a lot on *how* you use it. I've seen pg-on-windows
> > deployments that come within a few percent of the linux performance.
> > I've also seen those that are absolutely horrible compared.
> >
> > One sure way to kill the performance is to do a lot of small
> > connections. Using persistent connection is even more important on
> > Windows than it is on Unix. It could easily explain a difference like
> > this.
> I just tried using pg_pconnect() and I didn't notice any significant
> improvement.  What bothers me most is that with Postgres I tend to see jerky
> behavior on almost every page:  the upper 1/2 or 2/3 of the page is displayed
> first and you can see a blank bottom (or you can see a half-filled completion
> bar).  With MySQL each page is generally displayed in one swoop.

Please post the table definitions, queries and explain analyze results so
we can tell you why the performance is poor.


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