PFC wrote:
Even though this query isn't that optimized, it's still only 16 milliseconds.
    Why does it take this long for PHP to get the results ?

Can you try pg_query'ing this exact same query, FROM PHP, and timing it with getmicrotime() ?

Thanks, that's what I was looking for. It's microtime(), BTW. It'll take me some time to instrument it, but that way I can pinpoint what is really slow.

You can even do an EXPLAIN ANALYZE from pg_query and display the results in your webpage, to check how long the query takes on the server.

    You can also try it on a Linux box.

My current host only supports MySQL. I contacted to see if they could assist in this transition but I haven't heard back.

    This smells like a TCP communication problem.

I'm puzzled by that remark. How much does TCP get into the picture in a local Windows client/server environment?


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