Ron Peacetree wrote:
> 0= Optimize your schema to be a tight as possible.  Your goal is to give 
> yourself the maximum chance that everything you want to work on is in RAM 
> when you need it.
> 1= Upgrade your RAM to as much as you can possibly strain to afford.  4GB at 
> least.  It's that important.
> 2= If the _entire_ DB does not fit in RAM after upgrading your RAM, the next 
> step is making sure your HD IO subsystem is adequate to your needs.
> 3= Read the various pg tuning docs that are available and Do The Right Thing.
> 4= If performance is still not acceptable, then it's time to drill down into 
> what specific actions/queries are problems.
> If you get to here and the entire DBMS is still not close to acceptable, your 
> fundamental assumptions have to be re-examined.

IMHO you should really be examining your queries _before_ you do any
investment in hardware, because later those may prove unnecessary.

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