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However, even that seems to have a much higher cost than I'd expect:

   lab.devel.configdb=# explain delete from "tmp_table2" where id in
        (select id from tmp_table2 where name='obsid' and value = 'oid080505');

   Seq Scan on tmp_table2  (cost=0.00..65705177237.26 rows=769844 width=6)
       ->  Materialize  (cost=42674.32..42674.32 rows=38 width=50)
             ->  Seq Scan on tmp_table2  (cost=0.00..42674.32 rows=38 width=50)

For one reason or the other, the planner things a sequential scan is the best solution. Try turning off seq_scan before the query and see if it changes the plan (set enable_seqscan off;). 

I've seen this problem with sub queries and that usually solves it.

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