> Merlin,
> > > just FYI: tyan makes a 8 socket motherboard (up to 16 cores!):
> > > http://www.swt.com/vx50.html
> > >
> > > It can be loaded with up to 128 gb memory if all the sockets are
> > > filled :).
> Another thought - I priced out a maxed out machine with 16 cores and
> 128GB of RAM and 1.5TB of usable disk - $71,000.
> You could instead buy 8 machines that total 16 cores, 128GB RAM and
> of disk for $48,000, and it would be 16 times faster in scan rate,
> is the most important factor for large databases.  The size would be
> rack units instead of 5, and you'd have to add a GigE switch for
It's hard to say what would be better.  My gut says the 5u box would be
a lot better at handling high cpu/high concurrency problems...like your
typical business erp backend.  This is pure speculation of course...I'll
defer to the experts here.


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