Perhaps we should put a link on the home page underneath LATEST RELEASEs
        7.2: de-supported

with a link to a scary note along the lines of the above.

ISTM that there are still too many people on older releases.

We probably need an explanation of why we support so many releases (in
comparison to licenced software) and a note that this does not imply the
latest releases are not yet production (in comparison to MySQL or Sybase
who have been in beta for a very long time).

By the way, is anyone interested in creating some sort of online repository on or pgfoundry where we can keep statically compiled pg_dump/all for several platforms for 8.1?

That way if someone wanted to upgrade from 7.2 to 8.1, they can just grab the latest dumper from the website, dump their old database, then upgrade easily.

In my experience not many pgsql admins have test servers or the skills to build up test machines with the latest pg_dump, etc. (Seriously.) In fact, few realise at all that they should use the 8.1 dumper.


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