Sven Van Caekenberghe <> wrote:

> Either we keep on adding cruft (or leaving cruft in place) in the sake of
> backwards compatibility or be do something about it. It is not hard to
> fix a couple of senders. It could be done more softly with a deprecation.
> Cleanups at the level of Object are particularly valuable.

It needs to be done in a way that is sustainable. That means with a code
rewrite rule. Deprecations are not enough. The number of people who can
migrate forwards older code is very small, especially as we are missing
crucial parts of design discussion that took place on slack and were not
copied to mail. 

When I created my Morphic screencasts I had to look back to mailing list
discussions from 10 years ago and had to run ancient squeak images to gain
an understanding of how things were supposed to work and how they changed. 

Cleanups at this low level need to be done with rewrite rules (and tests)


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