This article about the "Mining Industry's Impending Digital Metamorphosis"

is a little off topic, except where it says "All levels, including
management and executives will need to have some level coding experience
and understanding."

made me think this must be pervasive across many industries and that an
interesting strategy
for Pharo would be teaching a course called... "Executive Programming".
Pharo could be ideally suited to filling this niche...
* Executives don't need to learn the *most* efficient language (i.e. C),
* and don't need to learn a system suited to large groups of developers
(i.e. Java)
* and don't have the time to wait for things to compile (i.e. big tick
immediate feedback)
They are never going to "do the work" but just need to gain a general
understanding of "programming" to better strategise at a higher level and
interact with developers.
What better language is there for this than Pharo?

But guess what happens when the boss is familiar with and likes one
particular language... ?

/cue maniacal laugh

cheers -ben

P.S. I'd be interested in collaborating on something that is not an end
user book, but more of an Instructors manual for such a course.

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