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> Ben:
> I have been thinking along the same lines.
> Smalltalk is my PersonalOS.

Nice idea, but its a long step beyond what I had in mind.
I don't expect an executive to be using Pharo daily.   Their daily time is
better spent elsewhere.
I expect the majority would want to round out their background knowledge
to fill that gap "you don't know what you don't know."

What they want is "maximum impact in minimum time"  [whoops "bingo sir" (
Actually thats makes me think "Pharo - the fastest way to learn
would make a good tagline for this.

cheers -ben

> Instead of *.bat or *.sh files, I would use Smalltalk to call OS commands
> directly in methods to do what I want in the OS while using Smalltalk to do
> the logic. PersonalOS should be able to run on multiple OS's using the same
> methods to do the same things. So, an easy interface to OS commands and
> possibly OS APIs would encourage people to use Smalltalk for controlling
> everything else. Smalltalk would be the center of control and automation
> from individuals to corporations and beyond.
> Hopefully, we can get critical mass with this.

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