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>> >> The thing is that the best way to do it is to clone your own fork...
>> And each one has her/his one.
> I know, but momentarily forgot while trying to work on my first Issue with
> the new UI.
> However I discovered something cool...
> I had directly cloned "g...@github.com:pharo-project/pharo.git"
> successfully brought that "Up to date"
> then in the "Working copy of pharo" window, clicked <New Issue> and filled
> in details,
> made my code change,
> then clicked <Commit>
> then clicked <Push> bringing me to a window titled "Push
> pharo/21686-.../21686..."
> where the only option to "Push to remote: " was  "origin (g...@github.com:
> pharo-project/pharo.git)"
> and clicking <Push> of course produced an error "LGit_GIT_EEOF: ERROR:
> Permission to pharo-project/pharo.git denied to bencoman."
> Fair enough!

Have to gracefully manage that error. Could you open an issue?

> But then...!!!
> Back in the "Repositories" window,
> "pharo" > right-click > Repository > Add Remote
>    Remote name = bencoman
>    Remote URL = g...@github.com:pharo-project/pharo.git
> And back in the "Working copy of pharo" window
> clicked <Push>  bringing again me to a window titled "Push
> pharo/21686-.../21686..."
> but now I had an extra option "bencoman <g...@github.com:bencoman/
> pharo.git>"
> and selecting that and clicking  <Push> worked!!!!
> https://github.com/bencoman/pharo/tree/21686-Setting-
> background-images-doesnt-work-on-Pharo-70

Esteban is working on adding the add remote to the pull/push windows


so you will have less clicks to do there ;)

> Now the key thing here is that I **didn't** have to first
> synchronise  github.com:bencoman/pharo.git  with  github.com:
> pharo-project/pharo.git
> and remember to clone  github.com: bencoman/pharo.git .
> I just pushed to my repo **after-the-fact**.
> I haven't submitted many fixes lately to get familiar with Iceberg,
> and maybe I missed something in the old workflow,
> but previously it seemed that my pharo github repo needed to be up to
> date,
> and I must clone from there.

Well, it depends.

Scenario 1) If you're not planning to reuse your clone, you don't need to
care about synchronize.
 - just reclone pharo from pharo
 - add your fork as remote
 - you're set

Scenario 2) If you want to reuse your clone you may not synchronize them.
 - pull from pharo from time to time
 - start a new branch from the current commit
 - you're set

But then, there is people that may want/need to have some other workflow.
For example:
 - I start from scenario 1
 - make a branch
 - commit some work
 - tomorrow I come back and I download a new image
    * a couple of integrations may have happened in between!!
    * but I want to continue working in my branch

Then the scenario could be solved as:
 - fetch from pharo
 - if you're in detached mode, just use the merge image into branch action
and select your branch
 - or if you want to do it manually:
   - checkout your branch in your image without loading packages
   - merge pharo/development into your branch
 - continue working

Now, what I would like is that we detect such "common rough scenarios" and
discuss how we could have a better UI support for them.
Maybe we need as a part of the Pharo plugin a wizard that takes you through
the "synchronize my image again please"?
Or could it be solved with some strategy that is general enough to be
reused in any repository?

> The new UI is intuitive and made it east to clone from pharo-project, make
> fix the push to bencoman.
> I worked this out from just a small bit of trial & error.
> One request...
> In attached snapshot where the remotes show "origin",
> please consider showing that as "pharo-project"
> The term "origin" is useful for generic documentation and for examples,
> but there is *nothing* special about that label from a git perspective.
> A remote is a remote is a remote.

Well that's mostly a libgit thing. It does it by default I think when you
clone, and I'm pretty sure that a lot of people would be against breaking
such default because that's how git works also.
What could maybe be done is to enhance the "New repository" dialog to be
able to provide a remote name using origin by default?
Like that people could be able to override it to their convenience?

> Since mostly pharo development workflow will follow a triangle,
> from remote pharo-project repo, to remote personal repo, PR to remote
> pharo-project repo,
> it would be more useful conceptually
> to have the pharo-project remote labelled "pharo-project" rather than
> labelled "origin".
> cheers -ben
>> >>
>> >
>> >
>> > What your can do is display the list of forks and ask to select the
>> right one. Then it will create the Pharo repo with the two remotes.
>> I was going to suggest prompting for the git username.  You can
>> substitute it in to:
>> g...@github.com:{username}/pharo.git
>> and add upstream (pharo-project).
>> Cheers,
>> Alistair


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