2016-09-20 17:30 GMT-03:00 Tudor Girba <tu...@tudorgirba.com>:
> Hi,
> Could you try with Alt+M?

It doesn't work, everything works with Ctrl as command modifier.

> About the wish to open the Message Browser, this is indeed not supported.

> What we miss is a category action. In this case, the Implementors would open 
> the Message Browser.
> So, in this case, the use case would be:
> #mySelector Cmd+m Cmd+Shift+Enter

> Would this address your expectation?

I'm not used to doble shortcuts, I'd prefer a single Ctrl+Shift+M to
open the message browser.  But as long as the function is there, I
don't mind using the mouse to access it rather than adding a shortcut
if it doesn't follow a common shortcut pattern, I have to use the
mouse for many features, so I'm already dependent of it.


Esteban A. Maringolo

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