Le 13/10/16 à 19:12, Andreas Sunardi a écrit :
Hi Stef,

Well, I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you.

You are not disppointing me.
I made exactly 1 tool with Pharo in my previous work place and currently trying to get ready to use Pharo when opportunity comes in my current work place.

That tool I made was a small tool, a custom controller for ASIC testing. It's a GUI to control ASIC, representing register values as what they mean, organizing them in UI layout in a logical manner. A logical abstraction of a hardware implementation, if you will. It saves my test engineer from having to do what he wants to do in hex numbers, from counting bits and from making error. It's a custom tool for each ASIC. Restoring ASIC state by syncing with Pharo image is really pleasant :)

This is cool

I learnt a lot form Pharo. Morph concept where every GUI element is presentable is very helpful. Wondering what the actual value of a register is? Just ask the register instance to display itself and I can monitor it. Many more of course, but I don't want to bore you to death.

My previous company has a long history with Smalltalk. I was fortunate to learn about Smalltalk there. They have ASIC design tool written in Smalltalk, still used today. They don't use Smalltalk anymore. After some years, I missed it, found Pharo, and when an opportunity came to solve a problem, I did it with Pharo. My engineer loved it :)
Super cool :)
Keep pushing and having fun.


On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 12:38 PM, stepharo <steph...@free.fr <mailto:steph...@free.fr>> wrote:

    Hi andreas

    are you using Pharo at work :)?

    Can we know more?


    Le 11/10/16 à 17:28, Andreas Sunardi a écrit :
    I confirmed the new version is working just fine.

    If this info is helpful, I'm running this new version on my
    CentOS 6.5 at my work.

    On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 3:02 AM, Esteban Lorenzano
    <esteba...@gmail.com <mailto:esteba...@gmail.com>> wrote:

        I made a new version of
        based on Yan's VM... They should work fine.

        Now... I need a CentOS compatible VM :P


        On 10 Oct 2016, at 08:29, Esteban Lorenzano
        <esteba...@gmail.com <mailto:esteba...@gmail.com>> wrote:

        On 10 Oct 2016, at 05:47, Andreas Sunardi
        <a.suna...@gmail.com <mailto:a.suna...@gmail.com>> wrote:

        Hello Stef,

        IMHO, since the 'GNU/Linux w. libc < 2.15' download in
        Pharo download webpage is broken anyway, we should
        repackage that download. Then other people using this
        version doesn't have to follow extra instruction to patch
        it. Having said that, I understand you and the Pharo team
        may have a reason to not hastily repackage that download

        yes, it is :(
        I need to fix that link.


        So, here are the downloads needed:
        1. 'GNU/Linux w. libc < 2.15' from Pharo download page
        $ wget

        2. Jan Vrany's Pharo 5 VM
        I used the current latest build, which is currently build
        #5, Jan 17, 2016
        $ wget

        3. Pharo 5 sources file from
        $ wget http://files.pharo.org/sources/PharoV50.sources.zip

        4. Latest Pharo 5 image from http://files.pharo.org/image,
        which is currently 50761
        $ wget

        1. Unzip 'GNU/Linux w. libc < 2.15'
        $ unzip Pharo5.0-linux-oldLibC.zip

        2. Replace VM in bin/ with  Jan Vrany's build
        $ cd pharo5.0/bin
        $ unzip ../../pharo-vm-spur-swing.zip

        3. Put Pharo 5 sources file in the VM directory
        $ unzip ../../PharoV50.sources.zip

        4. Replace image and changes file with the latest
        $ cd ../shared
        $ rm Pharo5.0.{image,changes}
        $ unzip ../../Pharo-Image-5.0-latest.zip
        $ mv Pharo-50761.image Pharo5.0.image
        $ mv Pharo-50761.changes Pharo5.0.changes

        Now, we can run pharo with libc < 2.15
        $ cd ..
        $ pharo

        I hope that help!

        On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 10:10 AM, stepharo <steph...@free.fr
        <mailto:steph...@free.fr>> wrote:


            I would like a list of

                - links

                - actions (unix commands)

            so that we can add it to the web site so that other
            people using the same version than you

            can install and run pharo simply.


            Le 7/10/16 à 19:06, Andreas Sunardi a écrit :
            Hi Stef,

            Can you explain a little bit about what this 'How to'
            is? Just now I'm able to finally run pharo5 on my
            CentOS with glibc version < 2.15 and I wrote my
            finding in my other reply.

            Are you referring to how to put these things together
            to finally able to run pharo? Or are you referring to
            my digging through the error?

            On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 11:08 PM, stepharo
            <steph...@free.fr <mailto:steph...@free.fr>> wrote:

                Hi andreas

                could you write a little how to so that we can put
                it on the web site?


                Le 7/10/16 à 06:20, Andreas Sunardi a écrit :
                Thanks, Bernardo. That fogbugz case is exactly
                the problem I'm having.

                This VM (pharo-vm-spur-swing.zip) is able to open
                Pharo 5.0 image from Pharo download page. This is
                a good sign.

                Upon opening the image, I am, however, presented
                immediately with 'MessageNotUnderstood: receiver
                of "/" is nil'. It's coming from
                SystemSettingsPersistence class >>

                It boils down to
                OSEnvironment#getEnv: 'HOME'

                a failure in building an FFI call. The FFI call
                function signature is
                #( String getenv (String string) )

                The context object built from
                OSEnvironment#getEnv: gives answer 'arg1',
                instead of 'string', to a call to
                #method#argumentNames. Down the road, an IRMethod
                instance is trying to find the index for 'string'
                and can't find any, because what is stored is 'arg1'.

                I'm out of my depth at this point, and this is a
                separate issue than not being able to start the
                image. I have to think where I want to go from here.

                So, thank you for all of you, for the exceedingly
                quick and friendly help.


                On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 5:42 PM, Bernardo Ezequiel
                Contreras <vonbecm...@gmail.com
                <mailto:vonbecm...@gmail.com>> wrote:

                    Hold on,

                      There's also this issue

                    where in one comment jan.vrany recommended
                    his build



                    that i have used in debian wheezy with the
                    old libc for quite a while. i don't use it
                    anymore because im in jessie.

                    On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 9:13 PM, Andreas
                    Sunardi <a.suna...@gmail.com
                    <mailto:a.suna...@gmail.com>> wrote:

                        Thank you for the impressive quick
                        response. Unfortunately, I have older
                        glibc. So now I'm struggling with
                        compiling glibc 2.15 for 32 bit on my 64
                        bit CentOS 6.5 machine. Not an easy thing
                        to do.

                        I'll try those VMs once I succeed in
                        building this glibc

                        On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 12:41 PM, Bernardo
                        Ezequiel Contreras <vonbecm...@gmail.com
                        <mailto:vonbecm...@gmail.com>> wrote:


                            works pretty well in Debian GNU/Linux
                            8 Jessie

                            On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 4:09 PM,
                            Clément Bera <bera.clem...@gmail.com
                            <mailto:bera.clem...@gmail.com>> wrote:

                                Thanks for reporting the problem.

                                The error means the VM is
                                incompatible with the image.
                                There was a change of image
                                format in Pharo 5, so the package
                                has likely an old VM while the
                                image has the new format, or the
                                new VM while the image has the
                                old format.

                                Someone will look into that
                                problem in the incoming weeks.
                                Most Pharo maintainers are on
                                Mac, we noticed recently that
                                other OS were not maintained
                                carefully enough (We're sorry
                                about that) and we're trying to
                                solve that problem.


                                Can you try the latest VM from
                                here (latest.zip):

                                Or if still failing, the latest
                                VM from here (latest.zip):

                                One of these two VMs should work.
                                Please tell me which one worked
                                if you try.

                                Thanks & Regards


                                On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 8:44 PM,
                                Bernardo Ezequiel Contreras
                                <mailto:vonbecm...@gmail.com>> wrote:

                                    i already submitted a similar

                                    check it and see if it is the

                                    On Thu, Oct 6, 2016 at 3:20
                                    PM, Andreas Sunardi

                                        I'm on CentOS 6.5 and I
                                        downloaded Pharo 5 for
                                        GNU/Linux w. libc < 2.15
                                        and for CentOS. Both
                                        won't start (I have no
                                        problem with Windows

                                        $ pharo
                                        This interpreter (vers.
                                        6505) cannot read image
                                        file (vers. 6521).
                                        Press CR to quit...

                                        I'm unable to find report
                                        or information about this
                                        issue on the web. I think
                                        it was like this ~2
                                        months ago as well. Is
                                        this a known issue?

                                        First time posting
                                        question in this mailing
                                        list, so I beg your
                                        pardon if I break any
                                        mailing list rule.

                                        Andreas S

-- Bernardo E.C.

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                                    computer in South America.

-- Bernardo E.C.

                            Sent from a cheap desktop computer in
                            South America.

-- Bernardo E.C.

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