Ron, I doubt you and Mike are the only people left on this list. But I’ve only 
run into problems like yours twice. One was a Busy Bee disc phono. I did find a 
problem with binding in the governor gearing, but I think a weak spring was the 
real problem. Also, my Edison Opera stopped working after traveling to Chicago. 
It was easily fixed when I found that governor shaft wouldn’t turn. I loosened 
a set screw and allowed a little play in the governor shaft, and all was well.

Jim Nichol

> On May 7, 2019, at 9:43 PM, Ron L'Herault via Phono-L <> 
> wrote:
> The old spring was 5/8 by .018.   I’ve just installed a 5/8 by .022  which 
> seems to be about the same length, around 8 5eet I believe.  It’s a NOS 
> Honest Quaker (I actually have two of these!).  It may be a bit better.  I 
> think I’m going to try a counter weight on the “tone arm” to lighten the 
> reproduce a bit.  That may let it play through an 8” record.   
> Looks like you and I are the only ones on the oldcrank phonograph list.  NO 
> one else commented.
> Ron L
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> Ron,
> What is the width of the spring?
> The Windsor listing gives the following for small toy motors (Genola, Baby 
> Grand,Carryola Cub, Pei-o-phone, Artone, Featherweight etc) with pear shape 
> holes as ½” x .022 x 8feet.
> For old type toy motors the dimensions are 9/16” x .025 x 10 feet.
> I have no specific listing for the Little Wonder.
> Best wishes,
> Mike Tucker
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> Subject: [Phono-L] Little Wonder Phono problems
> I’ve been sent a LW phono with a host of small problems.  This is a Vertical 
> only machine that according to the lit. should use a sapphire ball.   The 
> governor springs were wrong.  I’ve got two with Columbia weights that are 
> pretty close.  Had to make a lower bearing for the governor.  It’s  tad 
> sloppy but rotational speed seems fairly consistent until the record slows 
> half way into the side.   I suspect the spring is the wrong size (too long 
> and maybe too thick).  Soooo,  what size should the spring be?  There is a 
> dish shaped washer on the winding gear side of the spring.     Should the 
> upward curve of the dish be towards the spring or towards the winding gear?  
> Should the spring be exposed on its other end or was there another dish or 
> flat disk there?    Anybody know?  And does anyone know the actual length, 
> width, thickness of the gov. springs?
> Thanks, 
> Ron L
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