I had been wondering what had happened to the list and its members, as very 
little was happening.


Well, it looks like we are still around.


Recently, I had inquired about a phono part and did get a reply. When 
initiated, the list works.


Bob Maffit


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Ron, I doubt you and Mike are the only people left on this list. But I’ve only 
run into problems like yours twice. One was a Busy Bee disc phono. I did find a 
problem with binding in the governor gearing, but I think a weak spring was the 
real problem. Also, my Edison Opera stopped working after traveling to Chicago. 
It was easily fixed when I found that governor shaft wouldn’t turn. I loosened 
a set screw and allowed a little play in the governor shaft, and all was well.


Jim Nichol

On May 7, 2019, at 9:43 PM, Ron L'Herault via Phono-L <> 


The old spring was 5/8 by .018.   I’ve just installed a 5/8 by .022  which 
seems to be about the same length, around 8 5eet I believe.  It’s a NOS Honest 
Quaker (I actually have two of these!).  It may be a bit better.  I think I’m 
going to try a counter weight on the “tone arm” to lighten the reproduce a bit. 
 That may let it play through an 8” record.   


Looks like you and I are the only ones on the oldcrank phonograph list.  NO one 
else commented.



Ron L


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What is the width of the spring?


The Windsor listing gives the following for small toy motors (Genola, Baby 
Grand,Carryola Cub, Pei-o-phone, Artone, Featherweight etc) with pear shape 
holes as ½” x .022 x 8feet.


For old type toy motors the dimensions are 9/16” x .025 x 10 feet.


I have no specific listing for the Little Wonder.


Best wishes,


Mike Tucker


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I’ve been sent a LW phono with a host of small problems.  This is a Vertical 
only machine that according to the lit. should use a sapphire ball.   The 
governor springs were wrong.  I’ve got two with Columbia weights that are 
pretty close.  Had to make a lower bearing for the governor.  It’s  tad sloppy 
but rotational speed seems fairly consistent until the record slows half way 
into the side.   I suspect the spring is the wrong size (too long and maybe too 
thick).  Soooo,  what size should the spring be?  There is a dish shaped washer 
on the winding gear side of the spring.     Should the upward curve of the dish 
be towards the spring or towards the winding gear?  Should the spring be 
exposed on its other end or was there another dish or flat disk there?    
Anybody know?  And does anyone know the actual length, width, thickness of the 
gov. springs?




Ron L

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