Well surprise, Pierre,

- we are working on CMake port which allows exactly that and much

Good grief, I'm surprised you find the time to do it all in between haranguing me! What is it exactly that CMake does for IDEs anyway?

more? (all VC versions, projects or makefile, ICC, mingw, etc.)
- VC6 is likely to be dropped in the release after 5.3

OMG, and to think we said 5 years last year...

And as Rob said to you on IRC, there is no need to change anything in
regards of the DSP but update them until cmake is ready.

And you're going to update them, are you? Great, I'll wash my hands of it all then.

I'm not sure
it is worth the effort to do that now.

To do what?

It would be also nice to ask
first and provide some patches too.

Why on earth would I want to provide patches? These are new files. And why should I ask your permission? Does anyone else ask your permission?

- Steph

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