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Steph Fox wrote:

Hi Rob,

Actually we both did agree to start updating them in order to keep them until the CMake stuff is integrated.

Not while I was logging... or in my email archives... so you must've agreed that in some different channel or mailing list. In fact what you actually said to me was 'don't take the old build system away until we have cmake', and the reason you and Stas both gave for this was that you use the files for debugging (not building - we all know it's not been possible to build with that system for several months now).

So we have 60-odd broken files all over CVS to support that; and all I want to do is replace those 60-odd broken files with 4 working files in the win32 directory that will generate 60-odd broken files on request if you really really want them. My only question is, 'how much broken is OK?'

Personally the change you made would be fine with me as I don't make builds off of them and strictly use them for debugging/profiling. I did test it out and it did produce the project files. Stas had mentioned that he wanted to get them building (so in order to keep them around I would help with getting them up to speed). So the question does really come down to whether or not non-buildable dsp files are acceptable to everyone.

CC'ing him so he can chime in on this.

Really though, with time getting short, we should be spending more time on the testing/fixing up of the 5.3 build and new libs than cosmetics.


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