Steph Fox wrote:

Read the description in the wiki and in the CMake docs. It generates
dsp/dsw, sln/vcproj or makefiles for all VC versions (while working as
well for unix).

Great, cool, shame it'll take a couple of years from inception before we can rely on it day-in day-out.

No idea what you are talking about here.

You don't surprise me. We agreed that VC6 wasn't about to vanish in a puff of smoke and we shouldn't pull support for the old system completely. This at the same time as we agreed we should be working on getting third-party libs to build across every version in sight.

Rob and Stan said they will or can.

You must have very optimistic hearing :)

Actually we both did agree to start updating them in order to keep them until the CMake stuff is integrated. imho, rather than working on adding new stuff for the win build, time can be better spent testing out/fixing any issues with the 5.3 build and all the new libraries.
There is also a pretty long TODO list on the wiki.
Feel free to chip in help getting the dsp's up to speed as well :)

One thing though, commit your changes to HEAD too! Not directing this solely at you but this is becoming ridiculous.


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