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> So you are saying that PHP can use GD in a way that makes it brake which is
> not covered by GD's testing?

That's not what I'm saying. First, GD in php is not the same library
that you have in libgd.org and is better integrated with php (not
possible to do so using an external library). Secondly, almost all
tests available in libgd's tests suite have been ported or are in the
process to be ported to php.

> Sounds very bad, actually having GD a PHP
> project makes it a really special case.

It is irrelevant in this case, they are not the same.

> So if you want to and can find a
> good way of integrating GD testing than I am happy to address that.

It is the case already.

>  Unless
> you deliver a solution that goes for our goal which is 90% required for
> green in the near future I however have to exclude it.

As I agree that good coverage is a noble cause. I prefer to have a
slightly lower visible coverage and get the code actually covered
marked as such. Please revert this change for GD.


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