On 火, 2009-02-17 at 10:07 -0800, Andrei Zmievski wrote:
> Moriyoshi Koizumi wrote:
> > Whatever reasoning, I don't think it's a good idea to revert someone
> > else's patch before discussing anything.
> > 
> > Aside from this, I agree with you the old behavior is that stupid,
> but
> > BC should always be honored.
> Moriyoshi,
> You committed your "fix" and updated my NEWS entry without ever discussing 
> what it is you 
> were going to do. As for BC, it should be respected, but it is not paramount. 
> If things 
> are broken, then they should be fixed.

I got a bug report, then I fixed it. That's just an normal procedure for
bugfixing. Isn't it? Am I supposed to have a written permission from you
whenever I fix a part you did ever touch?

And the old behavior is strange, but not *broken*. It just doesn't work
for your case.


> -Andrei

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