hi there. i am currently developing an active contant engine for fully
dynamic web sites (php4/mysql). now what is a db-powered site without search
functionality? nothing. thus, i want to implement an internal search engine.

in a nutshell, i have all my content ("pages") stored in a table. the
columns "name" (unique entry title) and "body" are interesting here. now
searches on a topic are no problem, i can simply perform "name LIKE .."
queries. the thing is, if there are no exact matches, how can i return a
virtually unlimited list of near matches, using nothing but sql queries?
furthermore, i want full-text search. the bodies are blobs. is there a way
to get all the items containing a string, most hits on top? what's the
trick, maybe regular expressions?

i am grateful for any advice of all you people who have more db experience
than me.

t.i.a., sam

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