Databases tend not to be the best solution for text index
searching what you want. There are better products like glimpse
that do what you want.


On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 03:08:14PM +0100, Luescher Samuel (MMVZSLU) wrote : 
> hi there. i am currently developing an active contant engine for fully
> dynamic web sites (php4/mysql). now what is a db-powered site without search
> functionality? nothing. thus, i want to implement an internal search engine.
> in a nutshell, i have all my content ("pages") stored in a table. the
> columns "name" (unique entry title) and "body" are interesting here. now
> searches on a topic are no problem, i can simply perform "name LIKE .."
> queries. the thing is, if there are no exact matches, how can i return a
> virtually unlimited list of near matches, using nothing but sql queries?
> furthermore, i want full-text search. the bodies are blobs. is there a way
> to get all the items containing a string, most hits on top? what's the
> trick, maybe regular expressions?

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