> even so my php4 is running on the server where the database is installed,
> I tried your putenv to all of the oracle variables.
putenv won't help. The Oracle client libraries are initialized during 
server startup, so they won't see the environment set via putenv in a 
PHP script. This applies to the module version of PHP.

> It did not change any.
> All these variables are usually set by the root profile where oracle and
> apache start:
> K10oracle
> K20apache
These are the kill (K) scripts.

Look for the Sxxapache script(s), they should be symlinks to either a 
script in /etc/rc.d/init.d (for RedHat and derivates) or directly to the 
apachectl script.
In the apachectl script, export the needed environment variables 
(ORACLE_HOME is enough if you have tnsnames.ora in 
ORACLE_HOME/network/admin) and add $ORACLE_HOME/lib to $LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

You can check if the variables really got set by writing a PHP script 
containing just "<? phpinfo() ?>". In the section "Environment" check 
for the needed variables.

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