On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Doug Schasteen wrote:

> Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ora_logon()
> Obviously my server is not set up to use Oracle. Oracle is not installed on
> this machine. I am trying to access a different machine that has oracle
> installed. So what steps do I have to take to turn Oracle access on?

After beating my head against this one for the last three days I can give
you an overview.  Basically your provider will need to install the Oracle
client for Linux (you can download cd images of the server install from
technet.oracle.com, the server install has an option to just install the
client).  After the Oracle client can connect to your remote oracle DB
(this requires setting up TNSNAMES.ORA and making sure all the env
variables such as ORACLE_HOME are setup...)  Once they are talking to your
DB they will end up recompiling PHP using the --with-oracle option or the
--with-oci8 option, depending on your preference.

If your lucky it all works.  (In my case I had to recompile Apache so PHP
would be a Apache module and wouldn't seg fault apache during load) 
Given the level of hassle.. I doubt your provider would be
interested.  Besides, I'm not sure how fast a connection exists between
your Oracle DB and the providers webserver.. but if its not really fast
pages will take forever to load.

You will probably want to look at locating the webserver at your location,
or coming up with some way to export the Oracle data needed and upload it
to the webserver periodically.  PHP can the read that data from a file or 
the provider's mysql server.

Good luck.

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