On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Javier Morquecho Morquecho wrote:

>       I'm just starting to use informix database, how can I install the informix
> support on my
> apache server??, I have been looking for something like a RPM file, but I
>       Any tip how can I to start?, or where can I looking for?

Well.. you're probably not going to find a rpm.  Instead you'll need to
recompile php with informix support.  Read the standard docs on compiling
and installing php, but on the command line for configure you'll need to
add --with-informix=/dir/you/installed/informix  

You'll need to have the informix client on your php box before you
start, read the informix documentation on how to install, configure and
test your connection to the db before trying to get PHP working.  

The php installation guide can be found here:


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