Hi! I was hoping that someone could help me out. I am not positive if I
understand whats going on.. so let me try to explain.

This is a process to modify news articles in a MySQL database.

(From the point after picking the article to modify)
PHP Script #1:
  I grab everything from the database and stick it into the HTML form
(textarea, text, etc). I allow the user to modify whatever they want.

PHP Script #2:
 This script takes the new information and displays it to the user.. it is
a preview of what it will look like with the changes.

PHP Script #3:
 Updates the news article in the database.

Now the problem I am having.. is that the description and content fields
have qoutes in them. For example:
Description: I like to run and walk. I love "smelly cheese."

So.. when it tries to update the database. It will only store this as the
        I like to run and walk. I love\\

I know that its because the qoutes are not being escaped correctly.. and
it seems as though it is escaping the escape. 

So my question is.. how can I keep my qoutes?

Just FYI.. I am making the user enter in the description and content in
html. So i cant just change the qoutes to HTMLTags because it would change
my <P> and <a href=> etc.

Below is an example of the code (shortened for an example):

PHP Script #1: Editing description

Description:<br><textarea name=describe cols=40 rows=10>';
echo $info["description"];

PHP Script #2: (preview changes)

<input type=hidden name=describe value="<?php print $describe?>">
<?php print $describe?> <p>

PHP Script #3: (update database)
$sql = "UPDATE news SET release_date='$date', title='$title',
description='$describe', contact='$contact', content='$test', type='$type'
WHERE news_id=$id";
$result = mysql_query($sql)

Thanks in advance.


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