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>Remember, php is server side while JavaScript is client side. You can't use
>php client side. You can use some client side events to call php scripts
>which will run on the server and send data to the browser. Events are client
>side, so try JavaScript you'll enjoy it too.

Also keep in mind that Javascript should *never* be relied upon for input 

It is trivial to disable Javascript on the client side (and there are very 
good reasons for doing so, drop by sometime for 
reasons why) and you cannot trust any data that comes from the end user.  I 
personally would never recommend Javascript "crippling" your site - it 
should run perfectly without it since support varies from browser to 
browser (not everyone uses the latest version of IE) and you have no 
guarantee that it will be enabled client side at all. That's not even 
getting into people building URLs by hand for "kicks". Since you have to 
perform input validation server side anyway, this makes Javascript pretty 
much useless for this purpose.

Javascript is really only useful for display effects that do not affect 
accessibility which means they should be avoided most of the time just like 
Macromedia Flash, Quicktime, etc. unless you are 100% sure your audience 
meets your site's requirements exactly.

All IMHO of course.



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