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>Are you trying to tell Rudi Ahlers is possible to call php scripts from a
>browse event ? The statement "form.submit()" belongs to JavaScript not to

Of course not.  What I am saying is that client side validation is pretty 
much useless since you have to perform it again server side anyway (so 
what's the point?).  Since you have to check the data again on the server 
and since you have no guarantee that Javascript is even enabled, placing 
your "intelligence" on the client side is a bad idea.  IMHO warnings and 
such should be generated by the server with Javascript used at most maybe 
to provide some extra details.

I guess the main thing I wanted to impart was to not make the mistake of 
relying on client side validation (a common problem).

>Can you imagine how boring is have to submit forms and reload pages every
>time  the user make changes on a drop down menu?

Can you imaging how frustrating it is when your site is completely unusable 
because you do not have Javascript enabled (or your browser does not 
support the exact flavour that the site was designed with)?

If an extra submit makes your site that boring I think you have bigger 
problems to deal with.


>I think academic and radical positions aren't good at all. You should deal
>with the real world where you have the give the user as much comfort as you
>can. Applications don't have proper life, they are created for been used, so
>the user is always the king.

In the real world you cannot trust the end user to send you "safe" 
data.  If your application depends on a specific tree of events you better 
make sure that you are not just trusting your Javascript to create those 
dependencies.  This is not an argument about user rights at all and if you 
want to cast it as such, most Javascript seems to be intended to reduce 
user freedom (pop up windows, removal of browser buttons, enforcing 
specific browser versions, etc.).

All IMHO of course.



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