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> In the real world you cannot trust the end user to send you "safe"
> data.  If your application depends on a specific tree of events you better
> make sure that you are not just trusting your Javascript to create those
> dependencies.  This is not an argument about user rights at all and if you
> want to cast it as such, most Javascript seems to be intended to reduce
> user freedom (pop up windows, removal of browser buttons, enforcing
> specific browser versions, etc.).

<sound="Loud cheering">

Y E S ! ! !

If your site depends on JavaScript, it won't work on my browser.  I've
learned I can eliminate a lot of annoying behavior like windows
re-sizing themselves, those *&$#$2 popups and a bunch of incorrect
JavaScribe version errors by just turning it off. I may miss out on a
little cool behavior here and there, but I'm sure the hassles I don't
have to deal with make up for it.

I've been signed up for a Ziff Davis developer email newsletter for over
a year. The last issue I got had one article based on the idea that
"Spam is here to stay, so it is about time to start using it."  Another
article was about a javascript that asked the user to rate your site,
and if it did not get a good enough answer it would not let you into the
site. They said something about _forcing_ users to make a commitment.

Well, I checked the calendar, and it is not April first, so I cancelled
my subscription.  If _that_ is the future of the web, count me out.

Rick Widmer
Internet Marketing Specialists

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