MySQL is running; I can execute MySQL as ROOT.  The
/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock file exists with read/write/execute permissions to

Any other ideas are appreciated.



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> I tried:  Grant ALL ON *.* to user@localhost IDENIFIED BY "password";
> so as to provide access to all tables.  I should have stated that the
> I got was that I could not connect to the
> /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock socket.

Make sure that MySQL is running, that the mysql.sock file exitst, in the
specified location, and that the permsiions on that file, and every
directory above it allow the user the web server runs as has read
and execute rights.  Note that execute for directories means that you
can cd to it, and has nothing about running programs from within it.

If the file is missing, try to find it  (locate)  and look in php.ini
for a setting to specify the correct location for your system.

Rick Widmer
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