This is a little off topic... I am using PHP though :)

I am using PHP4 to interface with an InterBase 6.0 customer / order/
product database.  I want to assign each product to a category (more than
one category in many cases), but I want to be able to add new categories
easily (without hardcoding them in PHP). Any suggestions/criticisms about
this database design:

Products Table:

ProductCategory Table:
rProductID references products(ProductID),
rProductCatID references ListProductCat(ProductCatID);

ListProductCat Table:

I can't think of a better way to do it.  This setup allows me to have more
than one category for each product and I can add new categories by adding
a new field to the ListProductCat table.  I could change the rProductCatID
field in the ProductCategory table to restrict the values to a list, but
then I have to change the table structure when I want to add a new

Any ideas?

Daniel Ems

Spatial Data Integrations
Louisville, KY

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