On Thursday 01 March 2001 17:37, job sm wrote:
> To all good people,
> I've got troubles with the following code:
> <?php
> $dbh = DbGet(); /*fce na ibase_connect*/
> $stmt1="create view vserv0 as select distinct
> product_id from product where podminka;";
> $sth = ibase_query ($dbh, $stmt1);
> $stmt2="select * from vserv0;";
> $sth = ibase_query ($dbh, $stmt2);
> ?>
> It should create a view vserv0 and make a selection
> (select * from ...}. For some reason it process always
> just the first query (create). The second one gives me
> a message "table vserv0 doesn't exist". When I create
> view vserv0 manualy (IB console) it works without any
> problems.
> please help.
> Thanks Stephano

PHP's Interbase driver prepares the query even when it's not needed, may 
create views queries can't be prepared, I don't now. 

Try to check to ibase_errmsg() after the first query to see what's happening.

Usually views should be created outside the scripts. Don't use DDL in 
scripts, it's not necessary, and will slow your scripts down. Create the view 
using isql or your favorite management tool and then acesss it in your script.
Meir Kriheli

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