I run Apache, PHP4, RH Linux, and mySQL currently. Everything is fine.
What I need to do is get Microsoft SQL Server in there as well.

I see this FreeTDS thing (www.freetds.org), but do I really need that?
I don't even know what it is really? The 'FAQ' is not very informative for a
It seems like some extra layer of minutiae that I don't want to deal with.

Isn't there some way to compile PHP "--with-mssql" just like there is
And there are all these built in mssql_connect() etc functions in PHP
already, how would FreeTDS effect that?

on this page:
there is an example on how to compile everything, but it still shows freeTDS
in there.

I looked through the archives:
but didn't find anything remotely useful.

I guess I was hoping this would be simple, like mySQL connectivity was...

Thanks in advance,


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