> By the way, I understand there are major issues with SQL2000 server.  In
> that case, ODBC might be a better choice.

Figures, that's the version we're using...

So what all is involved with getting ODBC to work. Also, in case this wasn't
obvious, I'm trying to connect from the PHP/Apache/Linux box TO a Win2k
SQL2000 box -- will ODBC allow that type of thing or is it like JDBC where
the 'applet' must be on the same box as the DB?

I see in the PHP4 configure there are:

which one would I use for SQL2000? I assume I also need the ODBC drivers
installed then too? ugh, I have a sinking feeling...

I kinda need this up and working yesterday. I really underestimated this
project. I figured I'd just simply compile in the 'mssql_' stuff, restart
apache, and start harvesting my data. I had no idea there was going to be
all these snags and work-arounds.


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