> I'm having difficulties with that line:
> ./configure --with-openlink=/path/to/openlink/
>             --with-iodbc=/path/to/iodbc/

so I've tried every combination I can think of related to "iodbc" and
"openlink", and none of these are compiling. Every one results in "No such
file or directory"!

./configure     --with-mysql=/usr/local \
                --with-apache=../apache \
                 #--with-iodbc=/usr/local/openlink/lib \
                 #--with-iodbc=/usr/local/bin \
                 #--with-iodbc=/usr/local \
                 #--with-iodbc=/usr/local/include \
                 #--with-iodbc=../libiodbc \
                 #--with-openlink=/usr/local/openlink \

Can someone tell me what exactly is /path/to/openlink and /path/to/iodbc?
is it the .h file? is it the .so files? is it the .a files? what the heck is

And why don't the INSTALL directions just tell me that? so if PHP expects to
find the .h file,
why don't they document it like: "--with-iodbc=/path/to/iodbc .h files" so
people aren't confused like me.

Please help. Thanks.


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