The article on PHP builder on the topic
At 04:56 PM 3/29/2001 -0500, David L Jarvis wrote:
>I have a Red-Hat Linux 6.2 web server with Apache 1.3.9
>and PHP3 (would like to move to PHP4 immediately),
>and the database server is Windows NT4 & SQL Server 7.
>I currently use the ODBC-ODBC-Bridge (OOB) by Easysoft.
>It has worked great and they have great support.
>But I'd like to know what other options exist.
>NO - we cannot switch to MySQL :-) or Oracle :-)
>and NO we can't unify the platforms, so, staying with
>what we currently have as servers, what options are
>available for the database connector?
>Thanks in advance
>David L. Jarvis
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