"Matt Braynard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
| When I asked the question, what I meant was should I use the
includes to
| hold page style details or a CSS file. And someone who understood
that this
| was not an apples and oranges situation but one of approach answered
| Netscape was not fully supportive of CSS and suggested includes may
be the
| way to go.

Whether you link to an external stylesheet, embed a style block or
declare the styles in-line is a matter for author management of the
CSS property declarations.  The use of includes or scripting  the
actual link, block or inline styling in the document does not matter a

Importantly, if the styling is included, the interpretation is still
done by the client browser.  Whether includes or in-document coding
are used, the restrictions and bugs and failure to parse, where
invalid markup or styling is involved, still apply.

What I do notice, however, with some Nav4x browsers, that escaping the
quotes on class names in printf() causes these browsers to sometimes
escape the whole class declaration.

<td class=\'id\' align=\'right\'>%s</td>
<td class=\'lname\'>%s</td>
<td class=\'fname\'>%s</td>
<td class=\'logon\'>%s</td>
<td class=\'logoff\'>%s</td>
', $myrow['id'], $myrow['lname'],  $myrow['fname'],$myrow['logon'],

The solution for some documents is to write as such
<td class=id align=right>%s</td>

How this will affect xml documents I am not sure

Also with tables, if the data is being extracted from a database, as
above, and the data in a particular field row is null, the td cell
styling background will collapse with Nav4x browsers.  This might be
solved by a conditional statement inserting some content where the
database row/field content is null, or constructing the database table
with pseudo content, such as &nbsp; as the default for fields likely
to have null content.

Sorry, but my experience is that oranges are oranges and apples and
apples are apples.  Nice thought!  but I do not think you can get out
of browser non-compliance by using PHP.

Tim Morris

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