connection script snipped (looked fine)

> $dsn="DSN=OpenLink"; // this is a valid DSN set up in the above odbc.ini

> //$conn_id = odbc_connect("DSN=OpenLink;UID=daevid;PWD=secret","","");
> ?>
> ----------------------
> [OpenLink]
> Driver          = /usr/local/openlink/lib/oplodbc.so.1
> Description     = Sample OpenLink DSN
> Host            =
> ServerType      = Oracle 8.1.x
> FetchBufferSize = 99
> UserName        = daevid
> Password        = secret
> Database        = mydatabase
> ServerOptions   =
> ConnectOptions  =
> Options         =
> ReadOnly        = yes
> Trace           = 0
> TraceFile       = /tmp/iodbc.trace
> [Default]
> Driver = /usr/local/openlink/lib/oplodbc.so.1
> Is "ServerType = Oracle 8.1.x" right?
> I'm trying to connect to a MS SQL2000 server on a Win2k box:

No, that is just a sample DSN - you will want to edit it to match your
configureation or add an additional one wiht server type SQLServer 2000
Database is the sqlserver catalog, e.g. northwind, pubs, or yours.

When adding a DSN, add a matching section at the top as well:

[ODBC Data Sources]
    OpenLink       = OpenLink Generic ODBC Driver //o

Driver          = /usr/local/openlink/lib/oplodbc.so.1
Host            =
FetchBufferSize = 99
ServerType      = SQLServer2000
UserName        = daevid
Password        = secret
Database        = mydatabase

You can add the other options as you see fit, or even override these by
setting the RulesBook on the server side.

Everything else looks fine.

This assumes you have the server-side components of our Multi-Tier driver
installed on the SQLServer box.  It might be wise to add a DSN on the server
using the OpenLink driver, to test you have the server-side components
installed properly.

If you've not yet installed them, the SQLServer agent / Request Broker
components are at: http://www.openlinksw.com/software/open40/ntadmzzz.zip

Checking the docs out for configuring OpenLink Drivers might not hurt
either, and might have saved you time setting up your initial connection:
> [root=pts/2]7:35pm@content:{/usr/local/openlink/bin}> cat odbcinst.ini
> [ODBC Drivers]
> OpenLink Generic ODBC Driver = Installed
> [OpenLink Generic ODBC Driver]
> Driver = /usr/local/openlink/lib/oplodbc.so.1
> Setup  = /usr/local/openlink/lib/oplodbc.so.1
> [root=pts/2]7:35pm@content:{/usr/local/openlink/bin}> ./odbctest
> OpenLink ODBC Demonstration program
> This program shows an interactive SQL processor
> Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list): ?
> DSN                            | Description
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> OpenLink                       | OpenLink (MT)
> Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list): OpenLink
> [iODBC][Driver Manager]Dialog failed, SQLSTATE=IM008

Syntax problem here - odbctest takes the argument "DSN=DSN_Name", not just
the DSN_Name
> Have a nice day.

You obviously have the ODBCINI set properly in the environmnet, or odbctest
wouldn't show your DSNs.

So fix the ServerType, ensure working server-side components, and change
your connection syntax for odbctest - you actually are just about there.

Let me know if you need additional assistance.

Best regards,
Andrew Hill - OpenLink Software
Director Technology Evangelism
eBusiness Infrastructure Technology

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