At 03:43 PM 4/18/01 +0800, Lester June Cabrera wrote:

>How would I install PHP with Oracle support if Oracle is on another 
>machine, not in the web server machine?

  1.  Install the Oracle Net8 client on your web server...

  2.  Configure the Oracle Net8 client on your web server...

  3.  Compile PHP with OCI8 support...

  Now, the next thing that usually happens is that I'll get an email asking 
me "where do I get the Oracle Net8 client?"  then, "how do I install the 
Net8 client?"  still later, I'll get another email asking "how do I 
configure the Net8 client?"  then...

  So, to avoid all that...

   The Oracle Net8 client is available from Oracle Corporation.  There is a 
client available for just about every platform imaginable.  Call Oracle 
support with your CSI number and they'll gladly ship whichever client 
platform software you need for free.  Sometimes, the client software isn't 
available as a stand-alone disk, and they'll send you an entire Oracle 8i 
installation set - fear not, it contains the Net8 client for that architecture.

   To configure the Net8 client, follow the directions provided with the 
installation.  Basically, you need to set up your tnsnames.ora file to 
locate the oracle server.  There are utilities installed with the client to 
help you configure and test it.  It probably wouldn't be a bad idea for you 
to *also* install the SQL*Plus software, which operates through the Net8 
interface as well...

  - Brian

    Brian S. Dunworth
    Sr. Software Development Engineer
    Oracle Database Administrator
    The Printing House, Ltd.

    (850) 875-1500  x225

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