Can anybody help me! I've been getting a error message like this for the last few days.

Warning: OCIStmtExecute: ORA-01722: invalid number on line 49

Every time I try to enter a project using a HTML form

Line 49 in apparently the line that says:
$result = OCIExecute(ins_statement);

Below is the code I am trying to use:
//insert relevant values into the project table

$insert = "insert into PROJECT values ('$projectID', '$moduleID', $keyID, '$title', 
'$originator', '$softwareHardware', '$specialSkills', '$status', '$externalAgreement', 
'$background',  '$tasks', '$steps', '$references')";

 //formulate the query

            $query = "select projectID, moduleID, title, originator, softwareHardware, 
specialSkills, status, externalAgreement, 

            background, tasks, steps, references from PROJECT WHERE 



            //parse the two statements

            $ins_statement = OCIParse ($connection, $insert);

            $qry_statement = OCIParse ($connection, $query);



            //execute the first insert statement and print error message if there is 
an error

            $result = OCIExecute($ins_statement);


            if (!$result)


                        echo OCIError($ins_statement)."<p>";



          //execute the query statement


             //retrieve the results of the query statement and present them in the 
following way

            while (ocifetch($qry_statement))

            { etc.etc.

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