I want to keep my project number unique. So how would I say (in PHP) that
script should do insert if project number is unique, but should print out a
message if not, and where abouts in the script would I put it?

<title>Project Database - Project Details</title>

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if ($submit == "Click here to enter project")
        // The submit button was clicked!
        // Get the input and store it in the database.

        //make a connection to the database
        $connection = OCILogon("geb97","f8s0g99","trdb");

        //if a connection to the database is not made output a message
        if (!$connection)
                echo "I couldn't make a connection!";

        //formulate the query
        $query = "select projectID, moduleID, title, originator, softwareHardware, 
specialSkills, status, externalAgreement, background, tasks, steps, references from 
PROJECT WHERE projectID='$projectID'";

        //insert values into the table
        $insert = "insert into PROJECT values ('$projectID', '$moduleID', '$title', 
'$originator', '$softwareHardware', '$specialSkills', '$status', '$externalAgreement', 
'$background', '$tasks', '$steps', '$references')";

        //parse the two statements
        $qry_statement = OCIParse ($connection, $query);
        $ins_statement = OCIParse ($connection, $insert);

        //execute the insert statement and print error message if there is an error
        $result = OCIExecute($ins_statement);

        if (!$result)
                echo OCIError($ins_statement)."<p>";

        //execute the query statement

        //retrieve the results of the query statement and present them in the 
following way
        while (ocifetch($qry_statement))
                //line to tell the user the project has been entered into the database
                echo "<p><div align=\"center\">The following project has been entered 
into the Project Database: -</div></p>";

                //display the project title
                echo "<h1 align=\"center\">". OCIresult($qry_statement,'TITLE') 

                //display the project number
                echo "<p><big><b>Project Number: </b></big>". 
OCIresult($qry_statement, 'PROJECTID')."</p>";

                //display the originator
                echo "<p><big><b>Principal Originator: </b></big>". 
OCIresult($qry_statement, 'ORIGINATOR') ."</p>";

                // no supervisor will be shown because these are not added at the time 
and a project can have many supervisors

                //display the software/hardware requirements
                echo "<p><big><b>Software/Hardware Requirements: </b></big>". 
OCIresult($qry_statement, 'SOFTWAREHARDWARE') ."</p>";

                //display the special skills needed to be used
                echo "<p><big><b>Special Skills: </b></big>". 
OCIresult($qry_statement, 'SPECIALSKILLS') ."</p>";

                //display which module the project is suitable for
                echo "<p><big><b>Suitability: </b></big>". OCIresult($qry_statement, 
'MODULEID') ."</p>";

                //display the status
                echo "<p><big><b>Status: </b></big>". OCIresult($qry_statement, 
'STATUS') ."</p>";

                //line to break up text
                echo "<hr/>";

                //a heading for the new section
                echo "<h2>Description</h2>";

                //display the project background
                echo "<p><big><b>Background: </b></big>";
                echo "<p>" . OCIresult($qry_statement, 'BACKGROUND') ."</p>";

                //display the project task/s
                echo "<p><big><b>Project Task/s: </b></big>";
                echo "<p>" . OCIresult($qry_statement, 'TASKS'). "</p>";

                //display the specific steps
                echo "<p><big><b>Specific Steps: </b></big>";
                echo "<p>" . OCIresult($qry_statement, 'STEPS'). "</p>";

                //display the references
                echo "<p><big><b>References: </b></big>";
                echo "<p>" . OCIresult($qry_statement, 'REFERENCES'). "</p>";

                //a line to break up the text
                echo "<hr/>";

                //contact email address - couldn't make this into a link because too 
                echo "<p><div align=\"center\"><i>For further information please 
contact: </i>" . OCIresult($qry_statement, 'ORIGINATOR')."@aber.ac.uk </div></p>";

                //a final line
                echo "<hr/>";

                //the 1st link allows you to register an interest in the project, the 
2nd allows you to withdraw the project
                "<p><div align=\"center\"><a href = \"construction.html\">
                <img src = \"registerWithProject.jpg\" border = \"0\"/></a>
                <a href = \"construction.html\"><img src = \"removeProject.jpg\" 
border = \"0\"/></a></div></p>";

        }//end of while statement

        //log off the database
        OCILogoff ($connection);

}//end of if statement


<!  two buttons allow the user to enter another project or email a supervisor>
<p><div align="center"><a href = "enterProject1.html"><img src = "anotherProject.jpg" 
border = "0"/></a>
<a href = "construction.html"><img src = "emailSupervisor.jpg" border = 

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