Hi all,
I have a form where I collect some  information and then that information is
saved on a local db (mysql). The problem that I'm having is that when the
server is up an running for few hours and when a user clicks the send
button, my page take a long time to communicate with my database and at the
end, I get an e-mail from the output. But what's really strange is that if I
reboot then server and try the page, everything works really fast and in
matter of seconds I get my confirmation e-mail.

I'm wondering if there are some settings  that I can tweak on the server, OS
or on the CMOS to avoid that kind of delay in my form. I'm guessing that
probably after some time the server is going into sleep mode or something.

I'm using PHP4.0 , mysql and apache.

Thanks again for any information,


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