i hope you could help me with this,

    the script below gives me a from header = "Nobody"; and the $from which is 
supposed to be the header has been included in the body of the email. How can i make 
the $from to be placed in the header?

         $from = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
         $subject = "Changes on employee's personal data\n\n";
         $message = $message."Changes on Employee's Personal Data since the last 
         $message = $message."Employee's Name: $emplname, $empfname, $empmname\n";
         $message = $message."Address: $address\n";
         $message = $message."Telephone Number: $telno\n";
         $message = $message."Civll Status: $civilstatus\n\n";
         $message = $message."Name/s and Birthday/s of children born within the last 6 
         $message = $message."Name: $name1 $name2 $name3\n";
         $message = $message."Birthday: $bday1 $bday2 $bday3\n";
         mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "$subject", "$message","$from");

thanx :)

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