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> I will be 3 Jeff :)
> >>> "Jeff Oien" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 05/10/01 01:13PM >>>
> If I have a database that has three records and I delete the entire
> third record, when another record is then added will the auto increment
> number be 3 or 4? Thanks.

Only if the auto_increment values started at zero.  Otherwise, the number 
will be 4.

In answer to the question the poster seems to really be asking: 
auto_increment doesn't go back and re-use values from deleted rows.  What 
if you have data in other tables where a foreign key ties (undeleted) data 
in that table to the deleted row in the first table?  If the value was 
re-used, then the data in the second table would suddenly be establishing a 
bogus relationship to the new data in the first.


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